Bathroom Photography. No More Excuses.

I hear hobby / amateur / wannabe-pro photographers make excuses all the time that they need to go out and shoot more to improve their skills. You do not have to leave your warm (or cool house depending on where you live) to take great photos.

Today, I was walking around the house looking at places I have not taken a photo yet. That was when the bathroom idea came to mind. The above commercial, magazine-type shot was taken right inside my bathroom by pulling some of my used products to participate in this shoot.

So the next time you are looking for ideas, go visit your bathroom first. You might be surprised with what you find in there. If you don’t see anything you like in there, bring some items from your kitchen into the bathroom. The backdrop is perfect for this kind of work.

Strobist Info:

For your reference, here is what the original photo looked like straight out of camera before I cleaned up the not-so-white areas and added marketing text. I posted this shot to show you that I did not have to do a lot of editing to the photo. Although, I will remember to remove other distractions from the background in the future like the shaving cream bottle to the left of the frame. Ooops!

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