SmartPay is...

Dynamic pricing, price watching, and new banking options for donors.


Why use SmartPay?

Dynamic Pricing

SmartPay's calculation engine dynamically determines your donor's base payment amount by factoring in a variety of static and real-time variables about your plasma centers.

If donor traffic is declining at your plasma center, SmartPay steps in to increase the payout amount and notify donors about this promotion. Conversely, SmartPay decreases the payout amount if your plasma center is busy, saving you money. Our unique algorithm knows exactly how to change the payout for the desired outcome.

We took into consideration that every donor or plasma center is different, and therefore, we are incentivizing your donors with the optimal payment amount to maximize your plasma center's production.

Price Watching

SmartPay's price watch drives donor engagement by notifying donors of payment promotions in real-time.

Donors set desired payment amounts, including their preferred plasma centers and donation times. If your plasma center runs a promotion to increase donor traffic, notifications are sent to donors whose price watch was triggered. We finally solved how to attract the right donors at the right time.

Every donor has a price and is looking for the best "rate" when donating plasma. Because donors are motivated at different price points, SmartPay provides incentives for donors at every price tier, while continuing to minimize your center production costs.

Banking Flexibility

SmartPay’s versatile payment processor empowers donors to receive funds through their preferred banking methods, including direct deposit, PayPal, and Venmo.

Today's prepaid debit cards have limitations compared to standard bank accounts, including fees to withdraw cash, no interest earned on card balances, usable only where prepaid cards are accepted, and not being able to reload the card,.

By offering these diverse payment options, SmartPay provides more banking options and benefits, allowing donors to choose how they bank or spend their earnings.

Fully Automated

Innershell SmartPay can be fully automated so there’s nothing you need to manage to take advantage of dynamic pricing. Simply set your cost-per-liter target and let SmartPay do all the magic of incentivizing donors and balancing your budget.

SmartPay’s performance metrics will clearly explain the cause and effect of the pricing changes, including the impact on your return on investment (ROI).

Bonus Flexibility

Your finance and marketing teams will appreciate the convenience of Innershell SmartPay because it provides finer-grained control over payment bonuses. You will have the flexibility to pay bonuses based on an infinite library of categories and rules.


Age, gender, birthday, etc.

Donation Details

Program, product, volume, etc.

Location Specific

City, state, weather, etc.

Timing Criteria

Frequency, milestones, etc.


Direct Deposit