We deliver customer value by creating innovative solutions that last.

At Innershell, we make business decisions driven by what will bring customers the most value. The idea is simple: We tailor our innovations and solutions to their needs over the long term and equip them with the tools they need to drive outcomes.

So, how do we make that happen?

We listen to our customers. We co-innovate with them, and we invest in continuously addressing their needs. This is not just about providing the best product at any one point in time. Instead, our entire business model is grounded in the belief that we can create innovative solutions that will deliver on our customers’ needs over time and progress through multiple generations of technology.

We recognize the importance of value to our customers, which is why we are doubling down on an evolutionary approach toward product R&D and implementation. Being attuned to what customers want most from their IT solutions has accelerated our focus on improving and elevating every solution and service to maximize the value they get from partnering with us.

The Innovation Agenda

At Innershell, we believe iteration is a key component of solving the problems that are most pertinent and deliver the most value for our customers. Our engineering-first culture, talent management, partner programs, investments in R&D and business philosophy are all important pieces of the puzzle in our evolutionary approach to delivering customer value.

It’s not enough to simply be available to customers. It’s not enough to show up one day and introduce a product that’s the best of its kind. It’s about creating solutions that innovate, evolve, and last. We keep innovating and designing for the next generation of solutions because we know our customers will need new generations of products to deliver value for their own customers.

Built to Last

Starting with the latest technologies that can evolve and sustain its value over time, Innershell seeks more to build and advance, not rip and replace. We will be known for producing industry-leading products that are customer-centric. We pull several levers to achieve this, for example:

  1. Using a product-first approach, we focus on developing solutions that can adapt to support customer needs today or in 10 years. We are simplifying software design by reducing the number of screens and configuration, but still allowing customers to create complex workflows.
  2. Innershell is working with the largest global organizations to solve their most critical IT challenges and support their digital transformations. Our team’s depth of knowledge about customer needs in plasma — and how to fulfill them — really sets us apart and is unmatched in the industry.
  3. Our membership in industry alliances, as well as our industry-leading partner programs, help us deliver outcomes that benefit whole swaths of society and enterprises. By taking a holistic view of the technology landscape and being an active participant, we can help our customers chart their paths forward and achieve their goals.

Investing in the Future

When it comes to building on a foundation of customer value, R&D is the most important lever we pull, investing millions annually. Again, at Innershell we believe our technology must evolve over time — our investment priorities are determined with that in mind.

Innovation is a never-ending, always-rewarding journey for us and our customers, with R&D as our roadmap. While not all products and end-markets evolve at the same rates, and sometimes technology’s ecosystem can’t support customers’ ideals in the immediate term, our investment in R&D strategically supports continuously improving solutions that work towards customers’ ideal specs over time.