Fuji X100 in Jasper Alberta

Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park

Now that I have used my loyal Fuji X100 for every style of photography possible, the only thing left was to use it for a camping trip to Jasper National Park in the Rocky Mountains to see how the 35mm fixed lens of the camera would suit my style of photography.

Interestingly enough, the 35mm lens suited quite well for my landscape needs and didn’t really make the camera feel inadequate to landscape photography. I choose the Fuji X100 over my Nikon with the 24-70/70-200 combination lens because the camera was more compact. The fact that there was no room in the car for the tripod is an indication of how packed the car was with camping gear and food.

Mountain Equipment Co-Op (Mec) Wanderer 2 Tent

Although it was overcast for most of the trip, I did find that the camera tried to force F2, ISO200, and 1/30 shutter for all scenes which was a little less intelligent than my Panasonic Lumix LX-5 point and shoot camera. This resulted in a few blurry (and shallow DOF) photos that were unnecessary (example below). I would have preferred if the camera gave the ISO a bit of bump so that it could maintain a good shutter speed for a sharper photo. Next time, I will try to become more manual, but that’s difficult for spontaneous shots.

Fuji X100 Shallow DOF

Without delay, here are the rest of the magnificent photos taken by the camera on this trip.